about lit or miss.

lit or miss isn’t intended to be the be-all and end-all site for literature recommendations. it’s really just one girl and one guy, sitting behind two laptop screens.

the girl has a borderline obsession with young adult fiction and loves scoping out hot new books (think girl on the train, gone girl, the short drop, that sort of thing) but happens to be an english ph.d. student on the side (which means she’s going to be reading lots of classics as well).

the guy tends toward nonfiction, though he does harbor a somewhat secret appreciation for fantasy novels.

so read on, and if you disagree with us about the merit of a particular book, feel free to leave a comment and explain why! that’s the best part about reading, but even more, the best part about sharing literature — we all have our own opinions, but when we share and discuss books, we can open our eyes to different perspectives!

simply put, at the end of each review, we’ll include our verdict. is the book lit (aka a “hit” for us) or miss? you’ll just have to read on and see!